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Jigoku Shoujo

Ippen, Shindemiru?

have not wanted revenge on someone? Have never thought that this or that would be better off dead? I assure you that I do. As such needs to be created Jigoku Tsūnshin , e Infernal.

At first it was an ad in a newspaper, then a Basic textboard and finally running in a Web page to use. Has always remained an urban legend, but some argue that if at the time of writing a name Hate is true, Emma Ai will come to see you and give you a straw doll with a red string tied your body. If you agree to the deal just have to pull the rope, but be careful, because every time someone curses dug graves 2. The cursed person will go to hell immediately, but you will too ... the day you die, of course.

If you want to search the site, remember a few rules:
1) You ought to be alone in the dark.
2) must enter exactly at 00:00.

The Anime:

Emma Ai is represantada as a young girl with dark straight hair and red eyes. Has at its disposal a number of assistants that are mixed with humans to spy on the plaintiff and the victim's request

Each chapter follows a kind of ritual, we first show the conflict, then something happens that leads for the "client " enter the website, Emma Ai appears repeating the same words under the same scenario, spend a few days, something else happens and the customer pulls the rope. At that time we see the preparation sequence (always the same) and the inevitable psychological punishment to the victim ("You want to taste death?") That ends with him to hell downstream ..

has 3 seasons and it is basically, to send people to hell. All seasons are divided into 2 parts: Stories autoconclusivas and a general storyline (which is changing). Although I realize that the plot of the 1st Season appears near the end and is purely anecdotal, but really interesting (see the origins of Ai)

The 2nd Season is that worth it , proposing for the first time some "antagonistic" to be devoted to trying to prevent people send each other via e infernal. These antagonists are perhaps the most charismatic characters of the series (with permission from the Ai) and worth to see them suffer and fight against something, a priori, unstoppable. Special mention to the 2 (I think) last chapters, with a cruelty to MONSTER style that leaves no one indifferent ..

The 3rd season is already difficult to justify and leave you alone for the very fans. In my opinion the series and is perfectly sealed in the 2nd, so that the whole plot of the third, I think something cojido a little hair. Introduced a couple of new characters including a new character, but only the dramatic plot twist final and the appearance of an old character saved the series (in my opinion)

The Dorama

Pueees I have not seen .. Only Emma Ai is something grown-up and that in English there, or is it plagiarism to Wikipedia:

live action was conducted for Japanese television, released by the broadcaster Nippon Television on 4 November 2006 divided into 12 episodes of thirty minutes, 28 and was directed by Makoto Naganuma. The single of the series is "Dream Catcher" performed by OLIVIA.28
De manera similar al anime, el dorama muestra en cada episodio un caso diferente, pero de un argumento más semejante que el manga. Como curiosidad, el actor que interpreta a Wanyūdō en el dorama es también el narrador masculino al inicio de cada episodio del anime.

bueno, eso es todo. Cuidado con lo que haceis, que luego la gente desaparece ...

纏Ishi poor people I shadow in the darkness work to drown the spirits of dead Ndemiru Ippen lowering crime to hurt?


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